WILLIAM E. AUDIO // Alex Gleich

Composer for Games & Animated Media | Musician | Educator

Music and sound can tranform your game or animated media into a fully immersive experience that addresses all human senses. I strive to design my audio in a way that will catch your audience emotionally and draws them into the experience you created.

My name is Alex "Wiliam E." Gleich and I'm a composer, songwriter and sound designer from Germany. My work is deeply rooted in the belief that melodies have to be simple but catchy and memorable. Yet I create music and sound effects which are modern but still familiar, combining the art of variation of melodies with modern sounding instruments and a pristine audio quality.


Composition for Media:
Music compostion for games and animated media (film, tv, advertising), theater or radio.
There is two pricing tiers: 'Abstract' (for retro, ambient and electronic music) and 'Realistic' (orchestral and band music).

Sound Design & Music Production:
Musical, abstract sound effects and foleys are available
Additional sound design or production of recordings of any kind.

Session Musician:
Main instruments are electric bass and guitar (acoustic and electric). Additionally synthesizers/keys, percussion and backing vocals are availabe.

Talks & Education:
Music education: guitar and bass instrumental tuition, music production lessons, game music and sound design workshops - locally or via Skype
Talks on Game Audio-related topics can be found on my Medium blog where I write music-related articles from time to time.


16bit HD
Dark Orchestral
Epic Orchestral
Quirky Orchestral
8bit retro


"I have been working with Alexander since 2015 and it has been an absolute pleasure. Whenever I require a new soundtrack he delivers exactly what's needed. He takes on board all comments, and always produces something perfect for the level. [...]"

Dean, Spark Games
(ASCENT, Symmetry)

„Alex was great to work with and made the entire process very easy. His communication was awesome and his knowledge and creativity was apparent from the beginning. The results were great and really fit the tone of my project. I would love to work with him again!”

Jordan Overmyer
(Space For Two, Paint Drop)

„It was a pleasure to work with Alexander, he has a great talent and motivation. I told to him my idea and very excited he made exactly the sound I was looking for. He also provided me with some new fresh ideas for the project“

(Cubby Rush)


I'm putting my thoughts regarding several audio and music-related things on Medium and YouTube.


I'm looking forward to hear about your ongoing or future creative projects.
Feel free to use the contact form below or email me at alex@williamequal.com




Symmetry (2018-now):
Ambient/electronic soundtrack for Spark Game's geometry-based puzzle-platformer where you guide a rolling ball through a level

Reverie (2017-2018):
16bit retro HD music for Rainbite's Zelda/Earthbound-inspired action-adventure released for PS Vita and PS4

Works 2015-2017 (2018):
Compilation of my audio work for games from 2015 to 2017.

Ascent (2016-now):
Electronic-styled music for 3D Puzzle-platformer by Spark Games

Space For Two (2016):
High energy guitar based music and sound effects for the top down space shooter by Mursa Major

Occult (2016):
Orchestral music, sound effects and audio implementation (Unreal Engine 4) for this find-and-seek top-down styled collaborative Global Game Jam effort


Life Eater (2015):
8bit soundtrack for HTML5 snake game

Pixels At An Exhibition (2015):
Retro-styled track for collaborative game effort initiated by Composer Quest.

Video Game Music Re-Arranged (2015):
Concept album with re-arrangements of video game tracks

Paint Drop (2015):
Reduced orchestral soundtrack for colour-coded puzzle game by Mursa Major / Jordan Ovrmyer

Cubby Rush (2015):
16bit music and effects for Juan Rivas racing game

Sunrise Roller (2015):
Laid back electronic music soundtrack for a ball-rolling minimalistic game

SloFall (2015):
Electronic soundtrack for Maracuja Games mobile iOS/Android game where you control a falling ball and have to slow time (and music) with a tap

MON (2015):
8 bit soundtrack for minimalistic top-down game

Various Pieces For Video Games (2015):
Concept album with video game music